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One of the greatest issues raised each year by Year 12 students and their parents is the work load of Year 12. We currently have an expectation that students will complete Unit 3 & 4 in three terms which is often rushed with very little time for revision or consolidation prior to the exams. In response to educational research and feedback from students, parents, teachers and the community, current Year 10 students will commence VCE English and Maths studies in Semester 2. This will take the place of their current core Year 10 English and Maths subjects. Students currently in the Year 10 PreCAL program will continue in that program. The remainder of students’ existing studies will be unchanged. Students will select from two Maths options to allow them to focus on their individual needs and abilities. Additional support options will be provided to students through the introduction of two new subjects: Year 10 Literacy Skills and Year 10 Numeracy Skills. This decision has been made to provide students with greater time and  additional support to complete the requirements of the VCE.

An information session for Year 10 parents and students will be held at the College on Tuesday 12th May in the Lecture Theatre at 5.30pm.


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