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Dear Parent/Guardian of 2015 Year 12 Student,

Tuesday 20th October

Tuesday the 20th of October will be the last day of formal classes at Wodonga Senior Secondary College for the Year 12 class of 2015. Arrangements for the day are as follows:

Period 1: Formal whole school assembly, followed by Year 12 assembly, in Galvin Hall.

Year 12 students are to be seated in the centre of Galvin Hall before 8.55am. Late arrivals will not be admitted. Students must be in full, non-altered, school uniform and in a fit state to attend school.

This will be followed by an assembly run by the year 12’s. At the completion of the Year 12 only assembly the students will be required to clean and pack up Galvin Hall ready for use by PE classes period 3.

Lunchtime, Period 3 and 4: No classes.

Students are to leave the College and go home at the completion of the assemblies. Students who wish to remain at school to study may do so in the year 12 Study Centre. Students not doing this will be asked to go home.

While it is a time for celebration at the conclusion of your child’s studies prior to their examinations, we would like to take this opportunity to reinforce the College’s expectations regarding behaviour and conduct on this day. Students are reminded that all normal school expectations and policies need to be adhered to. These can be viewed on the College website.

Any student who does not adhere to clearly defined College behaviour policies, or fails to follow the directions of any staff member during the day, will be asked to leave the school grounds immediately and may incur further consequences, such as:

  1. Being banned from the Year 12 Valedictory Ceremony
  2. Having to sit the exams in a venue other than WSSC.

Wednesday 21st October

On Wednesday the 21st of October at 6.30pm the College will be holding its Year 12 Valedictory Ceremony at the Albury Entertainment Centre. This will be a celebration of the Class of 2015 and will acknowledge all Year 12 students who have undertaken VCE or VCAL. This year all students are invited.

Wednesday 21st October until Wednesday 18th November

Students will be welcome at the College to access help from their teachers, to access required school resources and to study in the Study Centre during this time. It is advisable that they remain in contact with their teachers and check their College email on a daily basis so that they do not miss any important information or advice.

Under no circumstances are students permitted to be on or near the College having any intent to harass, intimidate students or staff, they are not permitted to deface or damage any property nor commit any unlawful acts. Students are advised not to partake in any of the above mentioned behaviours. Consequences for any of the above mentioned acts include:

  1. Being banned from the Year 12 Valedictory Ceremony
  2. Having to sit the exams in a venue other than WSSC.

Victoria Police have advised us that they have a zero tolerance policy towards end of year 12 antisocial behaviour.

If you have any question regarding any of the events above, please do not hesitate to contact Paul McMullen or Naomi Wattie at the college.


Matt Moylan

Assistant Principal



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