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I’m FLAWSOME was the catch phrase promoted to WSSC students and staff on Monday by Caitlin Figueiredo. We are Awesome, flaws and all! Caitlin is studying law at ANU whilst volunteering actively in her community and in works overseas.

Cailtin shared her story passionately on Monday with over 300 students and staff across four different presentations, speaking about her life of choosing to pursue a life of Serving others and succeeding despite the circumstances she has faced. She spoke about her mental health journey and the impact this had on her education. Caitlin praised her teachers who stood by her and helped her achieve a pass in her schooling despite the physical challenges and mental health diagnosis she faced in her teenage years.


Guest presenter Caitlin Figueiredo pictured with students 

Caitlin has met some of her biggest Influencers in life already. She was invited to the White House and met with the then First Lady Michelle Obama and they spoke about Caitlin’s work with women in vulnerable communities in Pakistan. She attended a function with Oprah and didn’t get a free car! Caitlin encouraged each one of us to figure out who the people are that we allow to shape and influence our lives and to surround ourselves with those people who are of positive impact to us. To seek out opportunities with the people who can inspire you, lead you, guide you and mentor you.

We hope to see Caitlin visit our college again and are so appreciative of her volunteering her time to come and speak to our school. All the best Caitlin and we hope to hear of your next adventures soon!

Jacqui Boehringer
Wellbeing Groups Coordinator


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