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VET Music students have played a vital role in the Wodonga District Arts Festival, held at our College in Galvin hall throughout this week. The event showcases performances and artwork from students from around the region and has been doing so for the past 42 years. The student group have been overseeing the sound and lighting for this years event, taking the skills learnt in the classroom and applying it in this event. The VET Music class has a combination of Year 11 and Year 12 students, providing an opportunity for students to learn from each other and work collaboratively across their range of course work, providing an enriched learning experience.

Both Wodonga Senior Secondary College and Wodonga Middle Years College have had a long history with the event, with students assisting with the technical production and stage managing as a natural progression of their coursework in class. For some students this is the second year that they have volunteered at the Wodonga District Arts Festival as  loving the opportunity to work within their community as they work as a team to ensure the performances are well lit and sound fantastic, coordinating the requirements of each performance.

VET Music students Jayden Duff, Ryan Durrant, Murray Fulwood, Callum Cribb and Rhye Shedden at the 42nd Wodonga District Arts Festival

“As a second year students we are demonstrating correct practices for the first year students and give them some hands on experiences with this technology in a live situation like this”. Said Year 12 student Callum Cribb.

Our VET music student have done exemplary work throughout the week, making the production run smoothly.


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