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Dear Year 10 English Class

Thank you for your letters raising various concerns and ideas in ways to improve our school community and environment. Each letter has been read by the Principal team and discussed in order to fully understand the topics raised.

We would like to respond to the themes discussed in the letters by providing the responses below:

Stadium Use

While we have taken over the stadium, we don’t as yet have easy access due to electrical issues affecting the opening and closing of the facility. At this stage the only classes utilising the stadium is the PE and Health classes. We hope to have this rectified in the near future and can utilise this facility more broadly.

Canteen Prices

The canteen is an externally run business and therefore WSSC doesn’t have control over the prices. However, we are aware of recent changes in food prices in Australia and around the world due to COVID restrictions, recent flooding and the war in Ukraine. Large scale issues such as these, have significant impacts on all business in our area and beyond. Some of you suggested bringing your own food from home which may reduce your own cost.


Uniform is set by WSSC School Council, and all requests for changes to uniform should be directed to School Council President for consideration. The staff at WSSC have to implement the uniform policy as directed by our College Council.

Locker Sizes

We are currently going through a review to the locker allocation and resources. However, it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate larger lockers due to the increasing numbers of students enrolling at WSSC and current shelters available to protect the lockers from the weather.


We are committed to improving our environmental processes and are currently reviewing ways in which to increase our ability to recycle. If you would like to be part of recycling change at WSSC, please speak with Jess Kellahan.


We appreciate the kind letter we received acknowledging the diversity shown within our school,
and continue to encourage students to be innovative in ways which we can ensure inclusiveness
for all students.

Feminine Hygiene Products

We understand that it’s important that all females get access to sanitary products in the toilets.
Please note that if the upstairs toilets are not available, the Accessible Toilet downstairs next to
Sick Bay also has a dispenser which can be accessed. Alternatively, Office staff can also provide

Tables and Chairs

We have spoken with our Grounds and Facilities Team and they will be purchasing more seating for students in the yard.

OHS – Fire Extinguishers and Sprinkler Systems

While you might not notice the extinguishers and sprinklers, there are systems and extinguishes
in all buildings and around the school. This is an OHS requirement and the school is audited
annually to ensure we maintain compliance and regularly service our extinguishers and systems.

Phone Policy

Whilst we understand your frustrations, it is a government mandated policy that we need to
enforce. This policy is in place to address increasing mental health issues experienced by our
young people.

We thank you for exercising Student Agency in your learning and writing to us using formal
language structures. We have found this activity to be a wonderful way for us to hear what
students are thinking and have discussed this as an ongoing activity for the future.


Vern Hilditch
Executive Principal
Cass Walters
Campus Principal
Sharni Lamb
AP Teaching & Learning
Lana Melbourne
Director Student Services & Pathway
Matt Moylan
AP Student Operations
Mark Smit
AP Student Operations

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