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Advancement Via Individual Determination is the AVID elective program, designed to prepare students for improved academic growth and expand individual options for post secondary pathways. Over the course of the program AVID aims to foster global citizens that display tenacity and leadership skills in the school and local community.

The AVID journey begins in Year 8 with students learning organisational and study skills to support their success in learning. They participate in weekly tutorials where they bring questions from their core subjects and university students assist them. Guest speakers engage students and speak about their career challenges and achievements. AVID’s purpose is to break down barriers and ensure, with hard work and determination, that aspirational goals can be achieved for all.

Year 10 and Year 11 Students will study and apply AVID strategies to meet their individual needs and learning styles. Each week students receive instruction utilising a rigorous curriculum of ‘AVID Senior’ strategies along with participating in regular study groups and motivational activities to boost their academic skills.

The Year 12 students work closely with their school and community by completing a community project and work experience, enabling them to gain the necessary skills that they will need in the workplace.

Avid serves more than 400,000 students from across 16 other countries and has helped students for more than 30 years rise above the obstacles they face to achieve academic success.

The skills developed in the AVID program will help your child thrive in whatever future pathway they choose, contact our College to learn more about the AVID program.


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