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Work Inspirations Program PNG

Senior Program Years 11 & 12 – 22nd–24th March 2016

A City of Wodonga initiative, the Work Inspirations Program allows students to get out of the classroom and try the workplace. Their exposure to multiple careers and interactions with a range of staff enables students to relate their studies to employment options and future plans. The program will introduce students to the many and varied roles and opportunities at Wodonga Council. It will also give students the understanding of how careers ‘happen’ and what it takes to be successful in the workplace.

Work Inspirations is a structured program which involves activities such as site visits, project work and developing presentations to share with the group. Work Inspirations is an Australia-wide employer-led campaign which aims to transform work experience to make young people’s first experience of the world of work more exciting, meaningful and inspiring.

Broken up over three days, Work Inspirations focuses on showcasing the possibilities for careers, tailored to each individual student, beginning with gaining an understanding of self, a look into career pathways, and finally how careers happen.

Work Inspirations is a program for every student, but specifically works to enable students who are unsure of what their career possibilities may be, to discover what is possible.

For more information, or to secure your place in the program, please contact Jacob Mildren:  jmildren@wssc.vic.edu.au


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