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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child has indicated to us that they do not wish to complete the external exams at the end of the year.

VCAA rules allow students to achieve their VCE certificate without completing the external exams, so long as the student meets the required minimum criteria of satisfactorily completing:

  1. At least 16 units
  2. At least 3 units of English
  3. At least 4 Unit 3 and 4 sequences (one can be English).

By not doing the exams, students will not achieve a study score for each subject, therefore become ineligible to attain an ATAR score. Not getting an ATAR score may preclude them from direct entry into a number of university courses and some TAFE courses in 2017. It is important to note that students still need to complete all set tasks within their subjects in order to gain a satisfactory completion of each individual VCE or VET subject.

Please feel free to contact the year 12 coordinators if you have any questions regarding this. Also, on the Student Progress Night at 5:30pm on Wednesday 23rd March in the WSSC Auditorium there will be a brief question and answer session addressing this topic. There will also be someone from the careers team and people from the local Tafes & universities there to answer any questions.

Please sign the form below if you agree that your child be exempt from completing the external exams and not receive an ATAR and return it to the year 12 coordinators.

Download form here



Matt Moylan                           Simon Webb                                        Sheri Parkhouse

Assistant Principal          Year 12 Coordinator                       Year 12 Coordinator


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