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With the end of term approaching it is time to think about study notes. But why now? Well many students wait until just before examination time to even consider their study notes then there is no time to learn them and no time to practise the skills of the subject. If you know you will have tests later in the year, then a smart thing to do is to get all of your Term1 study notes up to date during the holidays.

Can you imagine coming back Term 2, you haven’t done your study notes for Term 1 and you get slammed with new work – it becomes impossible to catch up! So make a smart decision and ensure you have all of your Term1 study notes complete by the end of the term.

You can learn more about making great study notes in the SUMMARISING unit ofwww.studyskillshandbook.com.au

Top 5 tips to improve your notes:

  1. POINTS: Avoid long sentences and focus on key points.
  2. TABLES: Use tables wherever you can to create structure.
  3. KEY WORDS: Pull out keys words (as shown in this list).
  4. HIGHLIGHT: Make sure the key content stands out (but don’t go crazy with colour).
  5. FEEDBACK: Show your notes to teachers, parents and friends so they can suggest ways to improve them.

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