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As we approach the second semester now is a good time to do a bit of a check-up to see if you can improve your approach to school:

• Have you set yourself goals to strive for over this year? YES / NO
• Do you know what motivates you to do work? YES / NO
• Do you try to take a positive approach to your studies? YES / NO
• Do you make an effort to make the thoughts in your head positive ones? YES / NO
• Are you making the most of class time, listening and focusing and completing all work? YES / NO
• Have you been asking for help if you don’t understand something? YES / NO
• Have you been writing all your homework into your diary or online planner and getting it done? YES / NO
• Have you been breaking down bigger tasks and scheduling the work in your diary/planner? YES / NO
• Have you been keeping track of what you complete and rescheduling unfinished work? YES / NO
• Have you organised your folders for papers and digital resources for school? YES / NO
• Do you have folders or somewhere at home to file away all your work for your topics? YES / NO
• Have you decided what you will keep or do your study notes in? YES / NO
• Have you been working on study notes each time you finish a topic for a subject? YES / NO
• Do you have a term planner above your desk where you can easily see the heavy weeks? YES / NO
• Have you set up a good study environment at home, a place where you can focus and work? YES / NO
• Are you doing around an hour and a half of schoolwork most nights (2-3 hrs for seniors)? YES / NO
• Have you thought realistically about whether you have too many outside school activities? YES / NO
• Have you allocated set periods of time for school work (eg at least 3 x half hour blocks)? YES / NO
• Do you remove all distractions etc. when you are focusing on your schoolwork at home? YES / NO
• Do you prioritise each afternoon what you will work on that night? YES / NO
• When you make study notes, are you making them visual with mind maps, highlighting etc? YES / NO
• When you study for a test, do you both ‘learn’ the content and ‘practise’ the skills? YES / NO
• Do you try to do lots of the practise under examination conditions? YES / NO
• Have you reviewed the different study techniques that you should use for your learning style? YES / NO
• Are you doing more than ‘just reading’ when you study for an assessment? YES / NO
• Have you thought about how you will overcome the obstacles you face in achieving your best? YES / NO
• Have you set up some routines to try and create habits that will help you this year? YES / NO

You can learn more about being more effective and efficient in your schoolwork at www.studyskillshandbook.com.au


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