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VCAL students volunteered their time to assist with the NERSSA athletics carnival on Thursday 20th April. Principal of Barnawartha Primary School, Lisa Van Noordennen said the following.

“On behalf of all the staff at our NERSSA athletics carnival, we’d like to send a huge gratitude of thanks. From the moment your students took on their roles as leaders, there was an immediate sense of calm felt within the staff. They were confident to take on their roles, competent in their abilities and collaborative working with staff and students.”


The students assisted in the running of events throughout the day, “Your students were outstanding in all areas, and feedback throughout the day reinforced what we all felt about the young adults you sent to represent your school, but ultimately how they represented themselves.” Said Lisa.


“Manners, respectful, mentoring, supportive, approachable, initiative, independent, responsible, empathetic, trustworthy and effective” were words that were shared today about your students she added.

The NERSSA athletics carnival committee would like to continue the partnership and provide more opportunities to work with WSSC students in the future.

Mark Smit
VCAL Coordinator




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