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The recent release of the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” has raised concerns from WSSC, Headspace, Youth Mental Health First Aid and a number of other wellbeing agencies.
As a result these organisations are issuing strong warnings to schools, parents and young people to be aware of the risks involved to those who may have watched this series and suggest discussion and
support following such exposure.

Please refer to the documents listed below or visit the following websites for further information or advice.

Headspace Article: http://bit.ly/2qJttDp
Mental Health First Aid Australia: http://bit.ly/2qJzArw
About 13 Reasons Why: http://bit.ly/2r7gbBI
How Young People Might Respond to Suicide (Headspace): http://bit.ly/2q7t62u
Talking about the Series (Headspace): http://bit.ly/2rs3kJV
Talking to Young People about Suicide (Headspace): http://bit.ly/2qJFskl
Managing Social Media Following a Suicide (Headspace): http://bit.ly/2rHI5k7
Students are also able to access the College Wellbeing team for support at school.
College Wellbeing Support page: http://www.wssc.vic.edu.au/?page_id=25897


If a young person is distressed and in need of support, they can call or visit:

• Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) or kidshelpline.com.au
• eHeadspace (1800 650 890) or headspace.org.au
• Lifeline (13 11 14) of lifeline.org


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