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As part of the College Graduate Program, Year 10 students have been participating in presentations on road safety and the process that is required to obtain their full license.

With the group of students currently in year 10, this makes most of them eligible to apply for their learners permit. The second presentation held on Monday hosted by Vic Roads Robbie Allen, covered key points of this next step in their lives.

Mr Allen said, “This program gives the students a good introduction into what is involved in obtaining your L’s, red P’s and green P’s, providing them a better understanding of the graduated licencing system before they can get their full license”.


Robbie Allen from Vic Roads with Students Alex Williams, Mitchell Burns and Brooklyn Lewin

“The purpose of today’s event is to inform the students of the process of obtaining their license, logging their hours in their log book and the importance of taking full advantage of your minimum of 120 hours of practice on the road” said Mr Allen.

In the presentation, the significance that having an experienced driver in the car with you whilst learning was highlighted, with learners transitioning to obtain their probationary license at the highest risk of having an accident behind the wheel.

The College provides every student with the tools and skills to become life-long learners.


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