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WSSC is conducting tMHFA training, which gives teenagers the skills they need to recognise and help with mental health problems and crises in their friends, and to get the help of an adult quickly. All year 10 students will be doing this course during term 3.

This will happen in your English class or in VCAL PD. Young people will often turn to each other when stressed or upset, and try to help each other, and sometimes take too much on. This course teaches you not to try to take on these problems alone, and when you should get an adult involved. You won’t be talking about any problems you are having yourself and you won’t learn to give therapy or diagnose a problem

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If you wish to learn more:

About mental health problems experienced by young people, visit:

About MHFA programs:

For immediate online help:

Or, talk to the student wellbeing team.


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