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To ensure that you are prepared for a successful start to the 2018 school year, please ensure that you have acted on the following points if they are applicable to you.

Study off campus

For Year 12 students that have study periods or for students that are attending the College on a part-time basis and wish to leave the school grounds during this allocated time must complete a study off campus form. These forms are to be collected from the house leaders office, filled out and then returned to your house leader as soon as possible to ensure that you have the appropriate permission to leave the College grounds.


The College aims for all students to take great pride in their attendance and it is important that each student follows up after they have missed a class to ensure that they have updated their attendance via the school portal and completed the necessary work outlined on the LMS.

Book a Locker

It is a requirement that all student students have booked a locker and use this to store their possessions in during class time. You can book a locker via the School Portal: http://sims.wssc.vic.edu.au/


Wellbeing Support

The College has a dedicated team of wellbeing staff who work closely with the coordinators and teachers of the College.

For more information about this service, please visit the wellbeing page on the College website.


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