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Download student GPA reports

Student reports are available via the School Portal, please click on this link to login and download them


GPA Reports Explained

Our College provides students with regular feedback in the form of several Grade Point Average reports each year, this delivers timely feedback and supports students to take responsibility for their own learning.

The student Grade Point Average report or GPA provides students and parents with feedback in the form of four academic behaviours, these include: effort and attitude, productive use of class time, managing personal learning and study revision & homework.

Effort and attitude

The first of the four academic behaviours used is effort and attitude, this is a reflection of the student work ethic when completing their class work. Examples of this are students have arrived to class on time, in the correct uniform and ready to learn.

Productive use of class time

It is important that when students enter the classroom that they are prepared and ready to make productive use of their class time. This academic behaviour includes completing all set tasks, listening attentively and asking purposeful questions to further their understanding of the course work.

Managing personal learning

Our College equips each student with the knowledge to become a self-directed lifelong learner, as part of this process students are provided feedback on their ability to manage personal learning. This provides students with an indicator of how well they are preparing themselves for their classes, submitting work on time and ability to work independently.

Study, revision and homework

All students are encouraged to complete additional work that is set outside of class and they should complete relevant readings before their classes to ensure that they are prepared and are familiar with the course content. The student’s performance in the field of study, revision and homework is and indicator of how well additional work has been completed, ensuring that the students are striving to achieve the best result possible in each of their classes.

All four academic behaviours contribute to the student’s outcome of achievement and indicates the outcomes of assessment against the standard, enabling students and parents to clearly identify if the overall standard of work being completed is in relation to the target.


All four academic behaviours and the achievement indicator are used to indicate individual subject and an overall grade point average, with a zero to four scale being used for each measure. The overall GPA represents an average of these indicators across each of their subjects. Every student can achieve a grade point average of 3.0 or above regardless of academic ability.

Our grade point average reports are just one of the ways that feedback is regularly provided to students and parents are an effective way to gauge progress throughout the year.


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