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The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to Year 10 students. These vaccines provide protection against:

  • Meningococcal A,C,W,Y – one dose for year 10 students

Click here to download the accompanying letter

Parents/guardians of year 10 students should look out for the vaccine consent card booklet coming home from school with your child. You need to read the information, complete and return the card regardless of whether your child is being vaccinated at school.

The City of Wodonga immunisation service may contact you about the Secondary School Vaccine Program. Schools are authorised to provide basic parent/guardian contact details to local councils for this purpose. Contact the school by 25th May 2018 if you do not want your contact details given to the City of Wodonga immunisation service.

To learn more about the Secondary School Vaccine Program, the vaccines, the diseases they protect against, or how you can prepare your child for vaccination, go to betterhealth.vic.gov.au

Additionally, the Commonwealth government is funding vaccinations for all children under 20 years who missed scheduled vaccines. If students have missed vaccines, either in childhood or adolescence, and require catch-up vaccines, they should speak with their immunisation provider. (ie. local council or GP).

Click here to download the accompanying letter


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