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Year 12 student Llewellyn Visser has taken on a project to ensure the bottles and cans placed in bins around our College are recycled, leading a group of students aiming to make a real impact. Llewellyn began his recycling mission earlier this year, starting by placing collection points at various locations around the College and sorting through the bins around the canteen.

Year 12 student Llewellyn Visser with his collection from last Thursday

Once a week Llewellyn and the group collect bottles and cans which have accumulated in the designated bins around our College, which are then taken to the collection point in Albury and redeemed for 10 cents each. The group aim to donate the money raised  to the RSPCA.

Llewellyn encourages others to help him by putting cans and bottles in the provided containers and hopes that the Graduate Program Impact Project can continue to grow after he graduates later this year.


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