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A group of 12 Students have been attending Martial Arts training sessions for over the pas 13 weeks. Students have been challenging themselves physically and mentally as they learn through doing with Martial Arts Therapy, Guy from Martial Arts Therapy has been supported by the Victorian Government through the School Focused Youth Service to deliver the program within our College.

“In MAT I have learned to relieve my stress by using the techniques for breathing” – Tasmin Fischer

“I have learned how to stand up and talk in front of a group of people, built my confidence throughout the program” – Jayde Franckiewicz

“I have learnt how to do different martial arts techniques” – David Richardson

“i’ve learned how to focus on what I have succeeded in and not what I have failed in, and to be proud of the progress I’ve made to get here” – Adam Eustace

“I have learned how to stay calm in situations” – Adam Martin

Jacqui Boehringer
Defence Transition Mentor
& Wellbeing Groups Coordinator


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