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NAPCAN invites you to get involved with National Child Protection Week this year and play your part in creating safe and nurturing environments for all Australian children.

The week is an opportunity for government, business and community to come together to promote the safety and wellbeing of children, with particular emphasis on messages such as:

  • We all have a part to play in protecting children
  • By building stronger communities, we are creating safer environments for all children

To get involved with National Child Protection Week, you can:

  • Plan or attend a community event. An event can be anything from a display, meal, forum, fundraiser or family day out and is a great opportunity to spread the word.
  • Make your influence positive; start a conversation today about listening to and valuing the voice of children and young people in your community.
  • Follow us on social media. Like our Play Your Part Facebook page (napcan.playyourpart) and follow us on Twitter (NAPCAN_AU) and Instagram (@playyourpart_napcan). Use the hashtags #ncpw or #playyourpart.
  • Visit NAPCAN’s website at napcan.org.au for information about events in your area, to sign up to our newsletters, for copies of our campaign posters, and for additional resources.

And remember, you can play your part every day by:

  • being kind to children and families
  • looking out for all children, not just your own
  • being a positive role model for children
  • supporting families to get help
  • stopping and listening to children

Thank you for playing your part.


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