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Students aim to make the most of their time in Graduate Program classes with some students taking the opportunity to give back to their community through volunteering or organising a fundraiser for a community organisation. For Year 10 student Zoe Freeman it was taking on the challenge of learning how to speak German.

Year 10 student Zoe Freeman with German exchange student Marie-Anne Tran pictured

Learning this language would allow Zoe to communicate better with her family living overseas, aiming to visit them later this year. Zoe has been working with German exchange student Marie-Anne during the Thursday Graduate Program sessions over the past few months, taking the opportunity to learn simple phrases and how to say helpful words such as colours and every-day words that are use in conversation.

“This is a great opportunity to meet someone new and learn a new skill” Said Zoe, the experience proving to be very valuable for both students, with German mentor Marie-Anne also taking the time to further develop her English speaking skills during her stay in Wodonga.

“I was more than happy to share my language and culture and with Zoe” said Marie-Anne. The girls aim to meet regularly for the rest of the year.


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