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All year 12 students are invited to participate in a Successful Valedictory Appearance workshop during GP Thursday 11 October in Galvin Hall. (Thursday P4 Week 1) Why?

Basically it’s designed to give you an idea of what it’s going to be like to “walk the stage” on Valedictory night. Learn how to get up the dreaded stairs, walk the walk, meet Mr Hilditch, ace the photo op, and get down the other side, all without tripping, skidding, fumbling, falling or suffering an infamous wardrobe malfunction. Anyone is welcome, bring your fancy new shoes if you are not confident in your strutting ability, and a sense of humour.

Warning – Bad behaviour will not be tolerated AT ALL. This is a workshop designed to give you confidence, not to make fools of anyone. Students who do not participate in a suitable manner will be sent back to their GP class immediately.

We start at 2:10 and go till the end of school…we may need a little time after school if a large number of you decide to participate. Please be on time! We have loads to cover. Students who participated in past years had fun, learnt new skills and confidently negotiated the final trial of their secondary school experience Look forward to seeing you all

Alison Jones
VET Dance Teacher


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