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On the 20th of September the Koori Graduate Program class held a Marngrook tournament to create awareness of this game and to celebrate Indigenous culture. Community members were invited to attend and the students had representatives from the Wodonga police, Burraja Cultural Centre and Albury City council attend.

WSSC students celebrating after the 2018  Marngrook tournament

Deklan Benham, one of the GP Koori class students who helped to plan the event said that “We had to reach out to a lot of community elders and we had to do a lot of research so we can get the game right with the rules”

The event had around 50 students involved in the running of the event/participating. Students were allocated different roles in the organisation of the day- from food, attire (headbands and ochre for body paint), equipment, music, awards, schedule and invitations. Matt Moylan, Tim Lamb and Derek Bowey assisted with the running of the games and Sue Bell assisted with the BBQ on the day.

“Our koori GP classes founded the Marngrook last year and it’s a good day where people get to learn about aboriginal culture and what they use to do and what games they use to play”

WSSC students taking part in the 2018  Marngrook tournament


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