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Today our College captains, Seonaid Lee and Chelsea Barton were announced at our first assembly back of the year. Our captains are an integral part of enabling student voice, they work in collaboration with our Student Leadership Council to organise a range of opportunities for our students throughout the year.

Year 12 students Seonaid Lee and Chelsea Barton on the first day of classes for 2019

Captain Seonaid Lee is excited about the possibilities of our new house structure saying “Last year the vertical house system was introduced and a lot of students were sceptical about it. However after forming new friendships and connections with people from other year levels, the student body has benefited from sharing experiences and ideas regarding our school with different year levels. This year, the school hopes to bring in house vs house challenges in a range of areas which will strengthen house spirit and allow for students to get to know each other better. I think it’s important for students to have friendships from different years so they can learn from other’s advice and grow their confidence within the school.”

Chelsea Barton cant wait to see how this change will support the personal growth of the student cohort saying, “This is our second year following a house structure and it is going to be even better than the last. I’m super excited to see how much more we grow this year as a school community and the changes we will make. Being able to work together across all three year levels gives everyone an opportunity to build relationships with people we may not usually. I am proud to be at a school that has such a large active student voice because it allows us to shape not only our futures but our journey throughout our last years of high school.”

Both Seonaid and Chelsea have been very active members within our school community since commencing Year 10 in 2017, having experience on the Student Leadership Council, volunteering and planning whole school events and have participated in a range of activities and they wish to further support these in 2019.

“Student run events during the year are very important and loads of fun whilst the effort and time put into them always shows! Sports Carnivals, A School Musical, Student Artwork Exhibitions, Fundraisers and many more strengthen our community.” Said Chelsea.

Our school has a great leadership group with lots of opportunities to share feedback and opinions with the staff and school leaders about important topics. I think what makes Senior one of the best schools in the region is our large range of subjects that are on offer, but with that comes a responsibility to hear what students have to say about how to improve their learning even more. Our school realises that every student is different and I hope to be able to have discussions with a range of students from all year levels on how to make school an even better, fun, safe place for them.” said Seonaid.

We would like to congratulate both Seonaid and Chelsea on being elected by the study body as the 2019 Wodonga Senior Secondary College captains.



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