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The student attitudes to school survey is your chance to speak up about Wodonga Senior Secondary College. This is your school and this is your say.

You will be asked questions about your experiences in 2019 at the College.  Your responses will be used to help us set goals to improve, and will impact the things we do at Wodonga Senior Secondary College in the future. This is your chance to give recognition to the people in the school who have been there for you in 2019. It is your chance to reflect upon how being at student at WSSC  makes you feel.

And your chance to give feedback so we can build a better school together.
There are several parts to the survey, each seeking unique information about your thoughts, opinions and experiences THIS year.

These questions will explore how you use class time to reach your goals and will provide teachers with feedback to best teach you in the future.

These questions focus on how you treat each other and gives feedback to the people within the school who support you to be the best version of yourself.

There will also be questions about how you feel at school. This will give us feedback about the things we need to do to help you achieve your goals.

You will also give your feedback on School Connectedness. This is about how proud you feel to be a part of the Wodonga Senior Secondary College Community. It’s about the relationships you have with each other and the role you play in making this school a better place for everyone.

Your response to these questions will give recognition to the people who are here to support you. Those who have helped you feel welcome, and those who are helping you to discover and achieve your goals.

Have a voice, be heard. Answer with conviction, don’t sit on the fence. This is your school and this is your say.


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