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Classes will not be running this week as mid-year exams will be held. All students have been provided with a copy of their exam timetable and are reminded to arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their exam with the required materials and appropriate clothing/footwear.


  • Arrive at exam venue at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam.
  • A seat map will be posted outside the exam venue. Look for your class and take note of the row.
  • You will be called into your exam venue by class group and seated furthest from the door to closest.
  • The exams for your class will be arranged in alphabetical order (surname). Find the exam paper with your name on it and sit down.
  • All written answers to be completed in blue/black pen. Multiple Choice answer sheets to be completed in lead pencil.
  • Raise your hand to ask a supervisor a question or to go to the toilet.  At the end of the exam, please remain seated until an announcement to leave is made. Your exam must remain on your table.

Absence from an Exam:

  • If you know you will be absent on the day of an exam, it is your responsibility to negotiate a catch-up time with your teacher prior to the exam week.
  • Catch-up exams will be held on Friday 28th June, unless specifically negotiated with your teacher.  Your teacher will notify you of the day, time and venue.
  • If you attend all of your exams at the scheduled time, you will not be required at school on the Friday.


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