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Yesterday our College held the second of its Respectful Relationships Days for 2019. Starting the day, students arrived to free toasted sandwiches from the canteen, which was a welcome start to a cold foggy day.

Over the course of the day students took part in 4 valuable and informative sessions in their House groups. The ‘Student Voice’ session provided some very insightful feedback which will inform future planning for Positive School Wide Behaviours. During the “My Ideal Relationship” session, staff and students discussed healthy relationships and explored some of the common issues that students face in their relationships with frank and honest conversations supported by our staff.

The Sense of Purpose session explored student’s self-talk and motivation when dealing with every day issues. Finally, the Cultural Understanding Sessions were a great opportunity for our Koorie students to demonstrate their leadership and take pride in their culture, sharing Australia indigenous history and raising awareness within the local community.


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