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The College hosted a whole College assembly on Monday to publicly recognise and celebrate the achievements of our students. Teachers, students and parents/carers of award recipients entered Galvin Hall to background music played by the Year 11 band. College Captains Chelsea Barton and Seonaid Lee hosted this important ceremony on behalf of the College while the Year 12 band wrapped the ceremony.

Executive Principal Vern Hilditch acknowledged the personal growth of students and their progress towards their desired goals. Mr Hilditch thanked parents/carers and teachers for their support and dedication in assisting students in making the most of the opportunities presented to them at the College.

Award categories included Learning Area Awards, Graduate Programme and Impact Project Awards, Academic Diligence Awards, Academic Excellence Awards, Work Placement VCAL Award, The Community Placement VCAL Award, The Wodonga Way Respect and Aspiration Award and the Principal’s Award

Learning Area Awards – Nominations for these areas are based on achievement and academic behaviour GPA scores for the last 12 months for Year 11s and six months for Year 10 students. Year 12 students will be recognised for these awards at the Year 12 Valedictory Presentation in October.

Year 10

  • Georgia Rootsey – English
  • Caitlin Barbour – Language
  • Joshua Nichol – Humanities
  • Hoai Thuy Linh Nguyen – Humanities
  • Van Lam Nguyen – Mathematics
  • Hannah Mulholland – Science
  • Tess Spry – Visual and Performing Arts
  • Michael Grohmann – Health & Physical Education
  • Thanh Phuong Ngo – Technology
  • Luke Hall – Technology

Year 11

  • Hannah Moseley  – English
  • Crystal Schubert – Languages
  • Olivia Cameron – Humanities
  • Jordan Ross – Mathematics
  • Jordan Ross – Science
  • Joely Schmutter – Visual and Performing Arts
  • Christopher Watson – Health & Physical Education
  • Declan Quinlivan – Technology
  • Lateesha Sloan – Vocational Education and Training Awards
  • Christopher Watson – Vocational Education and Training Awards


  • Frank Brewer


Jackson Ellis


Jack Redcliffe

Graduate Programme and Impact Project Awards – are presented to students who have demonstrated the 11 Attributes of diversity, confidence, tenacity, adaptability, contribution, high expectations, be forward-looking, thinking skill, empathy, and technological confidence, along with the following qualities:

  • Have used the nominated GP time highly effectively and completed the relevant coursework for programme sessions to a very high standard.
  • Shown a high degree of initiative in identifying and completing a significant impact project.

Individual Impact Project Awards

  • Jack Bennett for his eSports project
  • Luke Runciman for his Bicycle Recycle project

Group Impact Project Awards

  • Michael Grohmann, Bailey Williamson, and Mackinley Page for their Teaching Fundamental Sports Skills project at Wodonga Primary School
  • Ben Seymour and Flynn Williams for their Park Benches project at Parkland Albury Wodonga
  • Jackson Ellis, Ben Foxley and Brendon Pickersgill for their League for Kids Rugby project

Academic Diligence Awards – are presented to students who have displayed perseverance, put in the effort to the highest level and are recognised for diligence awarded in over 50% of their studies taken at their year level.

  • Sharni Barton
  • Caitlin Barbour
  • Joanna Garoni
  • Alyssa Lowe
  • Kelly Ndayisaba
  • Tess Spry
  • Luke Runciman
  • Christopher Watson
  • Jenna Hall
  • Charlotte Kay
  • Madeline Mildren
  • Bonnie Wright

Academic Excellence Awards are presented to students who have achieved a GPA of 4 in the academic achievement in over 50% of their subjects over the academic year.

  • Lachlan Payne
  • Michael Grohmann
  • Matilda Macklan
  • Hannah Mulholland
  • Jilly Thanh Phuong
  • Georgia Rootsey
  • Luke Hall
  • Ashleigh Johnson
  • Van Nam Nguyen
  • Caitlin O’Connell
  • Jordan Ross
  • Hannah Moseley
  • Gurbani Rajpal
  • Moise Badesire
  • Tegan Debnam
  • Paden Keeble
  • Emma Morrison

Work Placement VCAL Award (Sponsored by Styles Bros)

  • Madalyn Burns – will complete Senior VCAL certificate this year, has maintained a School-Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship and has been offered a traineeship post-school which she has accepted.

The Community Placement VCAL Award (Sponsored by Cussa’s Cuisine)

  • Jack Redcliffe – has contributed to Robotics mentoring at Belvoir, volunteering for Carevan each week, making sandwiches for the primary schools, organising the Winter Solstice and many more community activities.

The Wodonga Way Respect and Aspiration Award are presented to students who have demonstrated consistent exemplary behaviour both within and outside the classroom, in line with our Wodonga Way positive behaviours of Care, Respect, Aspiration and Engagement. One student from each House received this award.

  • Blue House – Han Dang
  • Red House – Madeline Jennings
  • Green House – Tegan Debnam
  • Yellow House – Courtney Smillie

Principal’s Award is presented to a student who has achieved academic excellence, and academic diligence in over 80% of their studies for the academic year, and who has been recognised through another award area.

  • Jordan Ross

Wodonga Senior Secondary College congratulates all of the students that have received awards.


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