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A group of our VCAL students have been working in conjunction with our wellbeing team to plan a week to support and remind our community that every day is the day to ask “Are you ok?”. The group have organised a variety of activities throughout the week, with an aim to promote awareness of topics around mental health and the importance of checking in with our friends and asking the question, R U OK?

Students will share the R U OK message and the steps involved throughout the week, leveraging social media to promote awareness along with a poster competition and balloon bouquet display. Our wellbeing team will have a strong presence within the weeks celebrations, joining our student ambassadors in wearing bright yellow t-shirts.

What you can do

  1. Ask R U Ok? – Ask the question
  2. Listen – Actively listen to the concerns
  3. Encourage Action – Who can support you with this? What adult can help you?
  4. Check In – Go back to the person and see how they are going, what action did they take?


RUOK Week Events – Get Involved

Monday 9th September Tuesday 10th of September Wednesday 11th September Thursday 12th of September Friday 13th of September
  • The week’s events will be launched with a human R U OK on the School oval during P2 Graduate Program
  • Balloon bouquets in the foyer
  • WMYC and WSSC poster competition

    $20 canteen Voucher to be up for grabs per campus

  • Badges available for students and staff
  • Chalk messages on the pavement #ruok
  • Guest Speakers in the Lecture Theatre
  • Marngrook Tournament
  • Cupcake sale

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