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Take this opportunity to look back and reflect on all that you have achieved throughout Term 1.

House Swimming Carnival 2020

The year began with a splash at our annual House Swimming Carnival. There was intense competition between the houses on the day, but Wanumarru House came out on top to take the title of pool champions for 2020.

Get Connected 2020

We had the premiere of our Get Connected event in Week 4. The event was designed to help students set up a pathway into Year 11, 12 and beyond. The night was a great success.

House Spikeball Challenge

A group of students organised to host a House Spikeball Challenge during GP class in Week 7 and 8. The competition offered an opportunity for students to work cooperatively with other students from their House group to compete for points for the House Cup. This is one of the many Impact Projects students have been working on for the Graduate Program and we look forward to see what other great ideas come to fruition throughout the year.

School Production

Last year’s school production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda was a massive success having all three shows sold out. This year’s chosen production will be “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”. Rehearsals are underway and we look forward to this showcase of our school’s talent later this year.


Up The Wall 2020

Students participated in a street art project organised by Wodonga Council called “Up the Wall”. The students worked alongside professional artist Kaff-eine as well as a local Aboriginal artist to design, develop and create a large scale mural on the external wall of the Wodonga Police Station.

Park Bench

At the end of last year students began working on the creation of a park bench as part of a Graduate Program Impact Project. The students created the bench from scratch, doing all the welding, joining and painting. Early in Term 1 the students then took the finished bench out to Killara and installed the bench for the community to enjoy.

Virtually Seamless – Online Interviews

For the first time in the history of the College the Student Progress Interviews went from the traditional face-to-face meetings to an online environment, utilising Microsoft Teams to participate in Video and Voice calls. With more than 600 sessions scheduled for the evening, parents were able to attend their meetings by clicking on links they received via email and utilised either their personal computers or mobile devices to join the calls. This was an overwhelming success with parents and college staff not only commenting on how seamless the transition to hosting the meetings within a virtual environment was, but also how convenient the format of the sessions were.

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