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Applying to universities can be an arduous and stressful task for students. Luckily for Year 12 student Jasmine Butterworth, not only has she found a university that is the ‘perfect fit’ but has also been fortunate enough to receive an early acceptance offer to study a Bachelor of Film from the SAE Creative Media Institute in Brisbane.

Jasmine has always been very passionate about film and loves how creative it allows you to be. Being a part of the Multimedia subject and the Defence Graduate Program class at our College inspired her to pursue film in further study and as a career.

Year 12 student Jasmine Butterworth

Being a part of a Defence family, Jasmine had the additional struggle of not knowing where her Mum, who is in the army, would be posted and this made it difficult in the university selection process. Once she found out earlier this year that she would be moving to Brisbane, Jasmine started researching and contacting universities in the area. It was through contacting the SAE Creative Media Institute to learn more about their courses that Jasmine discovered their early entry process. The University saw how passionate Jasmine was and in early May, surprised her with the good news about them offering her the spot. “It feels really good to have an early entry offer, as it means I have a guaranteed place to go next year.” Says Jasmine.

Although she has not fully made her mind up yet, through all her research Jasmine feels that this University offers “…everything I’ve wanted”. We wish Jasmine the best of luck for next year and are very proud of her accomplishments.


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