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Students completing VET and VCE subjects will be required to attend their scheduled exams in addition to their VCAL placements or activities. There will be many activities held on site for students to participate in on Tuesday 24th November to Thursday 26th November. The expectation is that every VCAL student has a personalised program for week 8. The purpose of the week is to provide time for students to participate in Structured Workplace Learning, Community Service and the on-site activities will support student wellbeing, connectedness to school and engagement. Students PDS teachers will be supporting students with their selections. All Structured Workplace Learning and Community Service forms are to be completed as usual.

You can download the PDF VCAL Activities Week 8 2020“>here

Tuesday 24th November Wednesday 25th November Thursday 26th November
Rock Art Rock Art Pilates
9am – 11am 9am – 11am 9am – 10.15am
VA4 VA4 C19
Christmas Hampers Martial Arts Martial Arts
9am – 11am 11am – 12pm 11am – 12pm
Community Co. Lab C19 C19
Soccer Drama Workshop Soccer
10.30am – 12pm 9am – 10am 10.30am – 12pm
School Oval C19 School Oval
Study Support Basketball Basketball
9am – 10.30am 10am – 12pm 10am – 12pm
Library Basketball Courts Basketball Courts
Bike Refurbishment Bike Refurbishment Bike Refurbishment
9am – 11am 9am – 11am 9am – 11am
Movie – Premier/Champions League Soccer Movie – Pay It Forward / Black Panther Movie – Hunt For The Wilder People
12pm – 2pm 12pm – 2pm 12pm – 2pm
Lecture Theatre Lecture Theatre Lecture Theatre
Games VCAL Practical PDS Projects VCAL Practical PDS Projects
9am – 11am 9am – 11am 9am – 11am
Community Co. Lab Community Co. Lab Community Co. Lab
Bunji Bunji
9am – 10am 9am – 10am
Front Office Front Office
Bunji Bunji
10am – 11am 10am – 11am
Front Office Front Office
WRS Structured Workplace Learning WRS Structured Workplace Learning WRS Structured Workplace Learning
PDS Placement – Community Service PDS Placement – Community Service PDS Placement – Community Service
Exam Exam Exam

VCAL Activities

  • Bike Refurbishment (10 students)
  • Movie (30 students)
  • Drama Workshop (10 students)
  • Martial Arts (10 students) tessainc.org.au/challenge
  • Pilates (10 students)
  • Christmas Hampers (10 students)
  • Rock Art (10 students)
  • Soccer (20 students)
  • Basketball (15 students)
  • VCAL Practical Projects / Games (continuing on with PDS Project)
  • Bunji (3 students per session)
  • PDS Placement
  • WRS Placement
  • Exams

PDS Placement Opportunities (Community Service form to be completed)

  • Belvoir (10 students) – Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
  • Carevan Warehouse (2 students) – Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Students arrange own community service placement

WRS (Structured Workplace Learning forms to be completed)

  • Structured Workplace Learning
  • Working at place of employment

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