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Dear parents/carers,

Following on from our message to you earlier this week, please see below the guidelines we have sent to all students regarding those wishing to attend the funeral of our Year 11 student on Monday.

We particularly draw your attention to the last points, about there being limited school wellbeing support available for students on Monday.

Thank you for your support.

Just a reminder that if you and your parents/carers have decided that you will attend the funeral on Monday, the following guidelines are in place to make sure you are supported:

  • If you go to the funeral, we encourage you to consider taking the whole day off. This is the same with adults taking the day off work to attend a funeral, because often you need to take some time to be with friends & family, or to just sit with your emotions after the funeral, instead of feeling like you have to return to work/school.
  • If you plan to stream/watch the funeral on a computer, there are three options to decide between yourself and your parents/carers (again, please consider taking the whole day off school to be with your personal support networks):
    1. Take the day off to watch the funeral
    2. Your parent/carer can sign you out in time to watch the 11am funeral.
    3. The funeral is being recorded so you can watch the stream after school or at a later date, when you can arrange for parents/carers/others to be with you for support.
  • If you have a SAC on Monday, please talk to your teacher about rescheduling it.
  • There will be very limited wellbeing support at school on Monday. If you are too upset to be in class, we will phone parents/carers to collect you. It is OK to be upset on a funeral day, and to take time off school to be upset.
  • There will be no school staff available to support students at the funeral.
  • School staff have been told that they cannot allow students to watch the funeral on their computers anywhere on school grounds. All students watching or attending the funeral need to be supported by their parents/carers, or in another appropriate way as agreed between the student and their parent/carer.

We acknowledge that school staff will not be as available as usual to respond to students’ wellbeing, and the above guidelines are in place to ensure that students are supported by their families for what might be a difficult day.

If you require professional wellbeing support on Monday, please talk to a House Leader or Assistant Principal at school, or reach out to one of the following phone lines and instant messaging supports which are available 24/7 for free confidential support:


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