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Join our Semester 1 2021 Awards Presentation assembly on Monday September 13th at 10:30am. This is an opportunity to look back and reflect on student achievement in Semester 1 in our virtual assembly. A recording of the presentation and a copy of the programme will be available on this page after the event.

The College would like to recognise the support of these awards by our sponsors.

You can download the 2021 Semester 1 Awards Presentation Program here.

Learning Area Awards

The Learning Area Awards recognise the outstanding performance and contribution of a Year 10 and Year 11 student in each learning area. Student’s overall GPA scores are used to inform nominates in each learning area.

Abbey Freeman (Year 10)
Le Minh Nguyen (Year 11)
Lachlan King (Year 10)
Chiara Burnett (Year 11)
Isabelle Rebetzke (Year 10)
Jacob Hawkins (Year 11)
Health & Physical Education
Abbey Freeman (Year 10)
Salli Halloway (Year 11)
Gabrielle Richardson (Year 10)
Le Minh Nguyen (Year 11)
James Wilson (Year 10)
Olivia Dean (Year 11)
Visual & Performing Arts
Matilda Cubitt (Year 10)
Montana Castro (Year 11)
Shane Recido (Year 10)
Malia Scott (Year 11)

VCAL Learning Area Awards

Work Related Skills
Ben Webb
Personal Development Skills
Marissa Frauenfelder
Angus Foley
Koby Van Bracht

Academic Diligence Awards

Diligence Awards are given to students who have displayed perseverance, put in effort to the highest level and are being recognised for diligence awarded in over 50% of their studies undertaken in their respective year level.

Giang Tue Anh Nguyen
Harman Tutt
Rachel Lanigan
Le Minh Nguyen

Academic Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards are presented to students who have achieved a GPA of 4 in the academic achievement of the GPA in over 50% of their subjects over the academic year.

Isabelle Rebetzke
Clio Waldegrave Knight
Olivia Dean
Salli Halloway
Jacob Hawkins

School Wide Positive Behaviours Award

This certificate recognises students who have been awarded positive SIMS for each of the 12 school wide positive behaviours within the semester.

Troy Hart
Isaac Anderson
Lilly-Rose Cuthbert
Zachary McMahon
Ellie Byatt
Timothy Petersohn
Blake Collins
Destiny Dodd

Sports Awards

Community Sport Award
Abbey Freeman

This award recognises students who have participated in sport within the community to a high standard while demonstrating excellence and a commitment to improvement.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Somaiya Harriden

This award recognises students who have been particularly successful while representing Wodonga Senior Secondary College in school sport, including competing at the School Sports Victoria State Finals.

Upper Hume Sports Award
Archer Scammell

This award recognises students who have represented Wodonga Senior Secondary College at Upper Hume Division on multiple occasions in a way that demonstrates support to other WSSC team members, best effort and fair play.

Graduate Program & Impact Project Awards

Individual and groups of Year 10 and Year 11 students are awarded the GP Award for demonstrating the following qualities:

  • Have used the nominated GP time effectively
  • Shown initiative in completing an Impact Project
  • Have completed an Impact Project which is deemed to have been of significant rigour
  • Completed the relevant coursework for the Monday P2 sessions
  • Must have been awarded a GP completion certificate
Individual Project Winner
Mikayla Curnow

Mikayla’s Community Impact Project was conducted at Wodonga Dog Rescue. Mikayla’s leadership skills were on display as she rallied her team to support the work at Wodonga Dog Rescue. Mikayla’s determination to help animals is a quality that will assist her in her future pathway. Congratulations Mikayla.

Group Project Winners
Year 10 Formal Committee

The Formal Committee met regularly to discuss, plan, fund raise for this event. They dedicated a considerable amount of time and effort to ensure the function was a success.

Tahlia McGregor Mackenzie Adrien
Joshua Brockie Jack Lockerbie
Eliza Seymour William Vickers
Jack Clay
Group Project Winners March 4 Justice

These students organised speakers, venues and a rally in conjunction with Australia wide rallies. They raised issues of equality, justice, respect and gendered violence in the community. Wodonga Senior Secondary College was the only school nationally to have a rally.

Bailey Lambert Jazmyn Morgan
Lauren Hyden Hannah Brown
Katelyn Russell Solange Nyarusalemu
Elizabeth Brown Mya Middleton
Emma Guilmartin Bierro Nyamahoro
Nieva Willis Mutoni Clemence
Alyssa Lowe Baylee Van Malsem
Clio Waldegrave Knight Olivia Dean
Tahni Evans Georgia Collins
Charlotte Maloy Sofia Vaccaro
Ruby Dunstan Leo Brunnenmeyer
Asha Romero Chelsea MacDonald
Chester Leek Anthony Martinelli-Walsh
Caoimhe Beehan Isabelle Rebetzke

School Values Awards

The School Values Award acknowledges students who have demonstrated the values of Aspiration, Respect and Engagement. House Leaders have used GPA academic behaviours and positive SIMS to select worthy students from their house.

Wagarra (Blue)
Shaylea Ryan
Wanumarru (Red)
Mikayla Curnow
Gawungwa (Yellow)
Tahlia McGregor
Nangwiya (Green)
Destiny Dodd

Styles Bros VCAL Work Placement Award

Troy Hart

Troy completed over 100 hours of work placement with David Oprey, at Wodonga Race Track, during Semester One this year. He completed many tasks including; race day preparation, strapping at races, mucking-out stalls, swimming and tread milling horses, making-up feeds, feeding horses, and track riding. Troy’s placement led into a part-time job, for which he has now worked over 500 hours. He has been offered a full-time job upon completion of his VCAL certificate. Congratulations Troy!

Cussa’s VCAL Community Placement Award

Peri Ndakize

Peri completed over 100 hours of work placement with Damon, at Positive Electrical, and was then offered paid work over the school holidays. He completed over 85 hours of paid work and competently completed many tasks, including; installing solar panels, installing underground electrical pits, and site cleaning. Peri has been offered an apprenticeship upon completion of his VCAL certificate. Congratulations Peri!

Squad Training & Employment Career Achievement Award

Jacob Chettleburgh

During Jacob’s short time with Wodonga Senior Secondary College, he has actively engaged in a variety of work experience opportunities in search of meaningful employment and takes on all feedback given to him in order to make the most out of his placements.

Kestral Recruitment Work Experience Award

Mitchell O’Brien

Mitch is very focused on career development, setting goals and endeavouring to achieve high educational results in his studies at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. He has a goal of becoming an apprentice electrician, and we know he will work hard to achieve this goal.

Junction Support Services Community Award

This award is a citizens and community services award, reflecting an outstanding contribution from one of the students to the betterment of the community and striving to achieve their full potential.

Jett Crilly

Jett moved his education from Rutherglen to Wodonga Senior Secondary College to better his educational opportunities. He aspires to enter the Australian Defence Force and serve the Australian community. He is heavily involved in his local community through a number of sports where he plays, coaches and umpires. Keep up the great work Jett!

CSU Future Moves Award

Academic Encouragement Award aimed to increase the aspirations and capacity of a Year 11 student.

Charlie Roach

Charlie aspires to attend University to study languages and/or performing arts. He endeavours to be the first child in his immediate family to attend University after completing his Year 12. Being a child in an Australian Defence Force family has created some difficulties along the way for Charlie, however, he has really pushed himself to find areas of enjoyment – one being his involvement in the school production of ‘Puffs’ where he has found great enjoyment and confidence.

Insight Publications English Award

Lana Toohey

Lana participates to the best of her ability in class and is always seeking to improve. She regularly checks in with the teacher for feedback and applies it to her work. She consistently writes above the expected level and shows a very good attitude towards all English tasks. Congratulations Lana!

ADF Future Innovators Award

The Australian Defence Force presents the Future Innovators Award. It is to encourage the next generation of innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers who are succeeding in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Zell Rust

Zell is a committed student to STEM and has excelled in maths, science and automotive. Zell is always having research based conversations with his teachers and is helpful in class to his peers. Congratulations Zell!

ADF Long Tan Youth, Leadership & Teamwork Award

The Long Tan award exists to formally recognise a student who demonstrates leadership and teamwork within their school and the broader community, and who display strong personal ethical values, such as doing one’s best, respecting others and “mate ship” – aspects considered essential to the ADF and Australian Society.

Rachel Lanigan

Rachel is a dedicated leader in our college and wider community. Rachel steps up to fill the gaps whilst also encouraging others around her to do the same. She works well with her peers and teachers alike and is proactive at independently seeking out responsibility and following through. Congratulations Rachel!

Karla Barton Award

This scholarship is provided by a fund set up by Helen, Kelvin and Connor Barton in memory of their daughter and sister Karla, who contributed much to this school.

Chloe Netherwood

Chloe is a student who has dedicated herself to improving her studies since starting at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. She encourages and supports her peers within the classroom and is always willing to participate in classroom conversations whilst always being respectful of other student voices and opinions. Chloe is also a WSSC Sports Leader and actively encourages her peers to get involved in school sport as well as representing the school in various sporting teams. Chloe always leads by example whether it’s for sport, school events or student advocacy.

Principal’s Award

This is awarded to students who have achieved academic excellence, and academic diligence in over 80% of their studies for the academic year, and who has been recognised through another award area today.

Le Minh Nguyen

Minh has maintained a high GPA and attendance throughout his schooling. He is actively involved in all areas of the school community. He is actively involved in all areas of the school community, as a Wanumarru house leader, SLC representative and Green Thumbs member. He uses his talents for the betterment of the school community, filming and directing a School Wide Positive Behaviours lesson and capturing moments from the Year 10 Formal. Amongst the International students, he is a natural leader and organises trips and gatherings. During lockdowns and school holidays, Minh has reached out to students and cooked traditional meals for them to ease their homesickness. Minh is a thoughtful and passionate student who strives to achieve his best. Well done Minh!


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