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The Grade Point Average (GPA) is a measure of how well a student is achieving across five performance areas.

  1.  Achievement (Outcomes Performance) is the standard achieved in required coursework – SACs, SATs & Work Requirements
  2. Effort & Attitude is a measure of the student’s approach to coursework and activities
  3. Use of class time is a measure of productive work undertaken during class time
  4. Manages Personal Learning is a measure of a student’s ability to work independently and bring appropriate equipment to class
  5. Homework, Study & Revision includes work set in class to be completed at home, evidence of home study and revision exercises

Each of these five performance areas are graded on a scale of 0 to 4 (0 being the lowest grade a student can receive and 4 being the highest).
• These grades are then averaged to produce one subject Grade Point Average
• The subject Grade Point Averages are then averaged to produce an Overall Grade Point Average

GPA Report Example



It is expected that every student can achieve a minimum of 3 as a GPA, regardless of academic ability.  Any student who receives 2.5 or below is considered at risk.

Interview Essential All parents are welcome to meet with all teachers, however this column allows teachers to extend a direct invitation to meet with parents.

Graphs show Achievement – the black dot – and study behaviours – the column.  This will build up over the year or semester to show student progress overall.

Early Warning Notices EWNs are issued where a student is at risk of not being successful.  A list of EWNs will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the report.  If there is no list, the student has not received any EWNs.

Early Warning Notices may include “Classwork”, “Attendance” or both.  These words give you an indication of the teacher’s major concerns, and should be a starting point for discussions.



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