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Wodonga Senior Secondary College is proud to announce our contribution to the Solar in Schools Initiative. It is anticipated that its high visual impact, coupled with the contemporary architecture of the College’s Technology wing itself, will create an immediate interest and stimulate discussion both within the learning environment, and the local community. SolarWebGraph “The recognition that a change in energy consumption patterns is inevitable in order to arrest humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels; and that simply by the support, development and installation of the project itself, has the potential to positively influence all immediate users of the adjacent buildings in the process.” This visual stimulus, in conjunction with clear and informative signage communicating the project and the benefits of solar energy technologies, would be of great assistance in the challenge to fully inform and familiarise tomorrow’s resource-conscious energy users regarding some of the more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly energy options available to them both as consumers, and ecologically-aware citizens. Anticipated Educational Outcomes Following the design, development and installation of the proposed ‘WSSC Renewable Energy System’, and the students’ introduction to it, it is anticipated that the following educational outcomes would be readily achieved:

  • An ability to analyse and compare the environmental benefits and implications of using different energy sources (including alternative energy sources), and how specific energy sources affect the design, performance and use of technological systems.
  • An ability to describe the principles of energy, and relate them to the contribution of fossil-fuel derived energy sources to the enhanced greenhouse effect.
  • An ability to represent a networked information system within an organisation, and describe the way a specified set of data flows through the system, where it is stored, and where it is processed.

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