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These staff members can be contacted vis the College office on (02) 6043 7500 or at SeniorCollege@wssc.vic.edu.au




Vern Hilditch Vern Hilditch
College Principal
Cass Walters Cass Walters
Campus Principal
David Whitehead David Whitehead
Assistant Principal
Matt Moylan Matt Moylan
Assistant Principal

Year Level Coordinators

Year 10

Wellbeing-Lili Tim Lamb
Wellbeing-Dom Cynthia McFarland
Wellbeing-Jenni Tim Bridgeman



Year 11

Chris North Chris North
Naomi Wattie Naomi Wattie



Year 12

Brydie Hind Brydie Hind
Paul McMullen Paul McMullen


Wellbeing-Lili Mark Smit
Wellbeing-Dom Sarah Maybury



LCT Coordinators

Wellbeing-Lili Sarah Clarke
English/ Humanities/ Languages
Wellbeing-Dom Michael Rosenbrock
Wellbeing-Jenni Lana Salter
Wellbeing-Tracee Martin Smith
Steve Garro Steve Garro

Business manager

John McVean John McVean
Business manager



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