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Name of Industry: Spatial Information
Organisation/ Business Name: Riverina Institute TAFE, National Environment Centre
Representatives Name: Sam Ebert and Lisa Winsemius
Email: samuel.ebert@tafensw.edu.au
Phone: (02) 6043 6725

Trade Description:
“Spatial” is a term that refers to space, place or location. All industries are interested in location information because it allows them to understand where things are and why they are there. Professionals in spatial science operate across diverse fields; from tracking dingoes and native fauna through to analysing where the latest McDonalds’ restaurant should be located – in summary spatial science helps you locate your target.

Training required: Qualification/Training and Duration
• Certificate III in Surveying and Spatial Information Services
• Certificate IV in Spatial Information Services
• Diploma in Spatial Information Services
Activity demonstration on the day:
• Two sessions will be run for collecting field data with GPS and locating that information in Google Earth.
• Running activities on PC’s relating to Google Earth navigation.
• Playing around with spatial apps on iPads. The beauty of spatial is that is mobile. Most modern mobile phones are location-enabled.

spatial information

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