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Online Purchasing Portal – https://wssc.orderportal.com.au/

2023 WSSC Notebook BYOD information Pack

Wodonga Senior Secondary College has a strong curriculum based around the use of Mobile Learning Devices. The school is committed to every student having access to a notebook computer. WSSC recognises that handwriting is an important skill, as such our recommended device for students in 2023 includes an active pen to provide greater natural interaction with digital learning programs.

We have partnered with Learning with Technology to provide Notebook Purchase portal for all students attending Wodonga Senior Secondary college in 2023. Through this partnership we have negotiated prices and formed an endorsed list of BYOD devices to suit our curriculum.


Wodonga Senior Secondary College prides itself on technology innovation and educational programs, which rely heavily on students having access to a modern notebook.

We strongly recommend all students participate in the Senior College’s BYOD notebook program. The devices provided through this program provide students with ICT support, software for any class, compatibility with wireless systems, printers and other peripherals, and also an approved platform for computer-based exams.

Future students and families are invited to attend our Information Session that will be held on Tuesday 11th October from 6:00pm to 6:45pm at the College, where you can find out important information and ask any questions you may have.


Lenovo – ThinkPad Yoga – Touch screen and Active Pen.

We strongly recommend all students, regardless of subjects studied, select the option of the Lenovo Yoga 13W, Ryzen 3 or 5, 8GB, 256GB

This device offers the perfect balance of performance and price, whilst offering an active pen for writing on the screen, 3 year Warranty and optional accidental damage policy.


  1. Visit the LWT Purchasing Page
  2. Select if you want to purchase with 12 month finance plan, or Buy now via Debit/Credit card, PayPal or BPay,
  3. Select which Notebook you wish to purchase – Recommend Lenovo 13W Yoga – Ryzen 3 or 5, 8GB, 256GB
  4. We recommend to leave the Accidental damage option selected and add 3 Year Battery Support for $36.
  5. Enter your details to complete the order

Your notebook will be delivered directly to the school. We will complete initial checks and install all WSSC software that is required.

Orders placed before November 5th 2022, should be ready for pickup from the school in the first week of December 2022.

Note: There are large supply issues for notebooks based around COVID and other global issues. Because of these constraints, the above timelines can change at any point.

We strongly recommend completing your Notebook purchase ASAP to lock in a device.


What Notebook should I select?

We recommend the Lenovo 13W Yoga – Ryzen 3 or 5, 8GB, 256GB. This device is the best option for all students. Although there is a cheaper device as an option, this doesn’t have a touch screen, active pen, and has a slower processor. The Ryzen 5 offers more speed over the Ryzen 3 option, and is around $66 more expensive.

The High end device is a good option for students studying Multimedia or Game development subjects. It offers a larger screen and additional memory, storage and performance of the recommended options.

What financial support can the school offer?

  • Interest Free Plans:

    We have worked with LWT to provide 2 different 12 months interest free purchase options to help with the purchase price.

  • Health Care Card Discount

    In addition to the 12 month interest-free options, we have established a support fund to provide a discount voucher to families with a Health Card card. There is limited funding available, so this is a first in first served arrangement.

    Simply come into the Senior College office with your health care card details and we can allocate you a discount voucher to be used when ordering your notebook.

  • Significant Hardship Support

    For any family that is experiencing significant financial hardship, we have other support mechanisms in place, please contact Belinda Telford in the main school office for assistance in this area.

What are the benefits of the WSSC managed BYOD program

  • Students will have access to all software required for study at WSSC – this enables a teacher to confidently arrange a lesson knowing students will have the required programs.
  • Downtime due to damage and repairs will be significantly reduced – Comprehensive Warranty and options for Accidental Damage cover for three years.
  • Automatic backups of all school related work.
  • Support for all hardware or software issues through the WSSC ICT Team
  • Bulk and Education discount pricing
  • Support for Notebook based exams (Maths, etc)

What support will the College provide?

We will provide onsite support technicians to troubleshoot and resolve any hardware or software issues that might occur with your notebook. In addition we will provide students with access to all software required to study at the college.

The WSSC IT team are available during most school holiday periods to ensure you will always have access support for any computer issues.

We strongly recommend that you take up the Accidental Damage Protection on your notebook. This ensures that damage cause throughout your three years at the college can be repaired for $0. The College accepts no responsibility for damage or loss and cannot enforce payment from another family if a laptop is accidentally damaged by another student.


For any questions or advise on what the best option will be, please contact the IT manager, Tim Bennetts via email tim@wssc.vic.edu.au or via phone (02) 6043 7550.

Acceptable Use Agreement


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