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While VCE written examinations play an important part in determining final results for the VCE, if you are unable to complete any of your

VCE written examinations due to COVID-19, you will be able to apply for a Derived Examination Score (DES). A DES is calculated using your moderated school-based assessments, any other external assessments in the study, your General Achievement Test (GAT) results, and a range of additional data provided by your school.
The VCAA has established processes in place to ensure you receive fair and reliable results.
You should ensure your school has provided you with the following:

  • a copy of your personalised Student Examination/Assessment Timetable listing the date, time and location for each of your examinations, as well as the final dates for submitting a DES application for each examination; and where relevant
  • a copy of your Special Examination Arrangements Advice slip for any examination where the VCAA has approved Special Examination Arrangements.

Click here to download the full letter from the VCAA.


Where can I find further information?
For further health advice you can contact the 24-hour COVID-19 hotline on 1800 675 398, your GP or visit the Department of Health website: Symptoms and risks | Coronavirus Victoria


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