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Dear Parents & Parents,

Every year we see students distressed for all sorts of reasons, many of which are quite avoidable. Sometimes they’re bitterly disappointed because they didn’t get the results they expected because, despite putting in the hours, they were using ineffective study strategies. Sometimes they’re upset because they were unaware of an important deadline so they’ve missed out on applying for a much needed scholarship or an early entry application for university. Sometimes students are stressed out because they want to do an apprenticeship/traineeship but they’ve no clue how to go about organising it. What all these cases have in common is that they involve students either not knowing key information, or knowing it but choosing to ignore or put off doing something they really need to do.

Whatever their chosen pathway, whether it be an apprenticeship, a traineeship, TAFE or university, there is important information our students need in order to maximise their chances of achieving their personal best academically and to take advantage of the many different career related opportunities that are available to them. The Keys to Success program has been developed to address this need. Every 20-minute workshop in the program is designed to give students important information, so they know what they need to do, how they need to do it, and by when, to optimise their chances of achieving their desired study and career outcomes. Starting on Tuesday 7th February, 20-minute workshops will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday, during the first break. Although not every workshop will be relevant for every student, every student will find workshops which would be very beneficial for them to attend.

To specifically support students wanting to secure employment, we will also be running a series of Job Readiness Workshops. The workshops will take place each Wednesday during the first break, beginning Wednesday 7th February and continuing for eight weeks. These workshops will provide students with essential information they’ll need both before starting work and once they’re in the workplace.

Attached you will find copies of both the Keys to Success program for term 1 and the Job Readiness Workshops. Please discuss these programs with your children and strongly encourage them to participate. They require a very small investment of time but have the potential to make the students’ senior years less stressful and more successful.



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