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Year 10 and 11 end of year exams commence Tuesday November 7th and run until Friday November 17th. Please note that seating Plans are on display near the main building steps and outside of the exam venue.

Students must ensure that they take their student ID or drivers license to all exams. You CANNOT enter venue without ID.
Please DO NOT take mobile phones into the venues, if phones are found in exams, this will require a re-sit of the exam.
On the seating plan, classes are colour coded with teachers surname at the start and the end of that colour.
PM Seating plans seating plans are also on display in the main foyer after the morning sessions.

Please read the following information:
On Arrival

  • You should arrive 15min before your scheduled exam, ensure you know where you’re seated on seating plans. (these are outside the venue of your exam, posted on MS Teams and on the notice board near main stairs outside the library)
  • You should not bring bags, phones, earphones, electrical devises, smart watches (there are clocks within the venue) or any other personal items. Leave them in your bag & place bag downstairs of Sports Centre/ Trade Training Centre & on PAC side of Galvin Hall Veranda!

What to bring

  • All students may wear casual clothing- suggest you wear layers in case you find the venue hot/cold. Closed in shoes, no thongs
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers etc in a clear plastic pencil case or plastic pocket without any labels or markings.
  • Water bottles are to be CLEAR only- no labels, no sports or Tupperware bottles
  • Student IDs or drivers license with photo WSSC – Students
  • Lastly, don’t forget to EAT before your exam- fuel your brain! Canteen open until 1pm

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