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Dear Parents and Carers,

As you may be aware, a local community member was tragically killed in a road accident whilst undertaking their role as a crossing guard in the Wodonga area close to our school. We are informing you of this event so that you may speak with your child about this tragic death, as it is in our local media and some of our students may have had regular interactions with the person involved.

Although your children may be affected by the death of this person, it would be best for school routine to continue as normally as possible and students should continue to attend regularly. Reactions of community members will vary and may include crying, not wanting to talk about their feelings about this tragic loss or wanting to discuss it, wanting to be alone, experiencing difficulty in concentrating and in sleeping. It is common for students of this age to want to be with their friends when faced with such challenging experiences.

Attached is an information sheet that identifies common reactions and ways in which you can support your child during difficult times.

Should you or your child feel the need for professional help or additional support, the following organisations can be accessed:

Additional resources

Alternatively, please contact me or the student wellbeing coordinator, Lana Melbourne who will be able to assist you. The Department psychologists and social work team are available to provide support if required, if you would like to meet with the psychologist/social worker contact can be made through the student wellbeing coordinator or on 02 6043 7500.

Yours sincerely,
Vern Hilditch
Executive Principal


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