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Members of our school community may be understandably curious and distressed about the recent news cycle, particularly following the incident at Bondi Junction and the more recent Wakeley Church attack. Understanding these events may affect students and families in different ways, please note there are a range of resources to support you and to support navigating conversations with young people about distressing news items.

Speaking to young people about tragic news events
Young people become more attuned to the events of the world, as they connect with the news and social media. In order to help young people navigate and understand these events, you can prepare for conversations in the following ways:

  • Prepare for the conversation beforehand.
  • Make the time to hold discussions.
  • Use curiosity to begin the conversation ‘how do you feel about…’, ‘do you have any questions about…’
  • Listen actively and without judgement.
  • Answer honestly and reassure them they are safe.
  • Have dedicated for ‘no news’ and ‘no social media’ time to switch off from the events. Engage in other activities together.
  • Help seek for external services if needed.

Resources for parents/carers

Please look out for yourselves and each other, and contact the WSSC Wellbeing Team if you are concerned about the mental health of a young person.

Vern Hilditch
Executive Principal


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