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Dear families of Year 10 students,

This term Year 10s have been receiving information and doing tasks during I&E and Student Agency classes to prepare them for their upcoming subject selections for Year 11.

This week they will do a trial selection, on paper, before completing their online selections next Friday during their Student Agency class. It is imperative that they attend this class to complete their selections.

Please discuss your child’s selection with them, ensuring that they have made considered selections which will set them up for success.

The following resources can be used to support the process:

There are some important considerations whilst selecting subjects

  • Students may do a maximum of 2 Unit 3/4 subjects allowed at Year 11
  • Students in Year 11 take 6 subjects, students in Year 12 take 5 subjects and have 1 study block
  • Students are able to repeat subjects

Thank you in advance for your support of your child throughout this process.


Matt Moylan
Assistant Principal