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VET stands for Vocational Education and Training and aims to deliver workplace-specific and industry standard skills and knowledge. Our College offers the VET in schools program which provides students access to at least 18 courses whilst they are studying at school.

VET undertaken in the VCE or VCE VM course stream is designed to provide nationally accredited training, usually at a Certificate II level, students gain access to subjects with direct industry links and sets our graduates apart from the rest when applying for employment or an apprenticeship.

VET is competency based and requires successfully completing units of work over a defined period of time. On successful completion of the VET course, a stand-alone industry recognised certificate, or Statement of Attainment which is accredited Australia wide is awarded to the student.

Most VET courses are undertaken over a two year period and are regularly reviewed and amended to ensure that they are up to date with changing industry and training standards. Undertaking a VET subject does incur additional costs which cover the additional resources and specialist training providers.
All VET staff at Wodonga Senior Secondary College aim to equip students with the knowledge and skill through these programs to thrive in our society and in their desired career pathway.

The VET teaching staff develop the learning experiences to relate to a real world context and enhance their employability skills. Work opportunities are vital so that students can explore options and understand the nature and expectations of different jobs and industries. With each VET teacher having spent time working in the industry they are able to connect students with employment opportunities to ensure that every student has access to the opportunities that they need to help them thrive. VET placements are mandatory in some VET subjects, and are strongly encouraged to be completed during all VET courses. Many WSSC VET students are offered apprenticeships as a result of completing a work placement during VET.

Enrolling into a VET subject at our College can provide your child with the head start and skills to succeed, so contact our College to learn more about our VET program.