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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Wodonga Senior Secondary College will be holding its second Respectful Relationships Day on Monday 22nd July.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Respectful Relationships is a Department of Education initiative that aims to embed a culture of respect, and equality across school communities. By participating in the Respectful Relationships Day it is hoped that students will gain a better understanding of healthy relationships, develop a greater sense of purpose and help build a more positive school community where all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

The day will consist of four sessions that will run in place of regular classes.

My Ideal Relationship – Exploring what Respectful Relationships look & feel like, as well as what good consent is in a relationship.
Cultural Understanding – Exploring and celebrating our local history and increasing awareness of indigenous culture.
Student Voice – An opportunity to discuss and provide recommendations for how we would like people at the school to behave, as well as an opportunity to provide input into our new “Tiered Acknowledgements”, for recognising positive behaviours at WSSC.
Sense of Purpose – Exploring the motivation that drives you towards a satisfying life.

All students will receive a FREE TOASTED SANDWICH from the canteen to start their day, so make sure you collect your voucher when you arrive at school.

Please contact the House Leaders if you have any questions or concerns

Student Home Group Timetables

Mark Smit
Assistant Principal – Student Operations 


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