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We have 47 koori students here at the school this year over the years when I first started in 2012 there were 23 students so the numbers have increased significantly  and I believe partly because we have programs here that enables the students to feel comfortable to access a rang of resources so for instance over the years we have had year 10 students apply for ALF sports ready school based trainee ships  so each year a number of them gain those trainee ships which enables them to work 1 day a week in the community

I put them in touch with a range of scholarships this we have had 10 students from 10 to 12 holding federal government scholarships we also do for the students is run is exertions to indigenous locations because many of our students do not have a good understanding of there culture and I believe its this colleges job to teach them about their culture

We support and have been supporting to close the gape and maximising the opportunity’s for koori students to finish their secondary education


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