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Vocational Education & Training
Vocational Education and Training programs in schools are nationally accredited training courses, which count as VCE Studies or form part of a VCAL program. On-the-job training at workplaces or structured workplace learning is an important part of the delivery for many of the courses. Like similar programs across Australia, it expands the range of courses and learning situations available to senior students, while at the same time maintaining choices for further study.

What are the advantages of doing a VET course?

  • If you decide to go to TAFE you have advanced standing for higher level courses.
  • If you decide to go to University, in most cases the vocational education units contribute to your ENTER.
    How does VET affect VCE Units and ENTER score
  • Most courses count as a full VCE sequence, i.e. Units 1-4. VET courses with a 3/4 sequence contribute directly to the calculation of the Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (ENTER). See individual programs for details.

How does VET affect VCAL
A VET program can count toward the industry specific skills strand or the work related skills strand of a VCAL program.

VET Fees and Costs
There are additional costs in running a VET course such as purchasing the specialist services of TAFE and other training providers, workbooks, class materials and equipment, first aid courses, excursions. Students are required to make a contribution toward these costs. Please refer to the booklist for details.

VET course reviews
VET courses are regularly reviewed and amended to keep up to date with industry and training requirements. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information supplied is accurate at the time of printing. Any subsequent changes to courses will be notified as soon as the information becomes available.

Course duration
VET courses are undertaken over 2 years, except Retail which is a one year program. Students who do not complete the full course, are eligible to receive a statement of attainment for the units of competence they have successfully completed and credit into VCE/ VCAL on a pro rata basis.

Course sequence
Students need to complete the first year of the VET course before undertaking the 3/4 unit.


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